The Importance of a Globalized Education

Do you tend to check your social media often? Do you have an email account? As a parent or High School student, are you planning to study abroad? Do you think that learning English is important? Do you like to travel? Do you even surf the internet? If you have answered, yes, at least at

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Inspiring future artists

I have been working at Instituto Simón Bolívar quite a time now, and during my years as a teacher, I have noticed that developing artistic skills to our children is a nourishing activity, in which we both learn, teacher and student. It is inspiring the way our students enjoy our Art Expression classes. This project

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Watercolor Museum

Dear Parents, The Art Expression class is part of our Primary English project to develop the language skills in context. Part of this project is to participate at the Watercolor Museum art contest. This year we are proud to present the contestants that won: Héctor González Chaparro. Astrid Samara Nuche Juárez. Andrea Tarello Loza. We

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Why should we celebrate thanksgiving?

There are many festivities that we have adopted at school from other countries like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Saint Valentine´s Day. Each one of these celebrations have a purpose. The main one will be to introduce the language that we are teaching as a bilingual school throughout the culture of those countries. Other reason will be

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Have you ever wondered about what future might bring to you?

Have you ever wondered about what future might bring to you? We are starting this new school year together, and sometimes I think that routine won't let us wonder what future might bring to us. We have scheduled all sorts of commitments, responsibilities, but have we ever stopped and reflected about them all? Today I

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Thanksgiving is a day set aside each year where people in the United States and Canada give thanks for all the blessings they received during the year by feasting and celebrating together. Thanksgiving first started in New England. It was created for thanking God for the abundant harvest of crops. This is usually somewhere in

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A fresh start, a new beginning

A fresh start, a new beginning – these are terms that we relate with transitions in life; moving to a new city or home, the birth of a child, getting a new job, making new friends or starting a new grade. As New Year’s Day marks the opportunity to start a new and initiate desired

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